Chef’s Tip: May 2015

Chef’s Tip: May 2015

Applying BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauces are generally meant as finishing sauces, not as marinades or simmering sauces. Most BBQ sauces contain some type of sugar and sugar will start to burn at about 265 degrees. Since most grilling is done at much higher heat, saucing your meat too early will lead to flare ups and the increased chance of burnt food.

Apply the sauce at the end of the cooking time, just long enough to heat it & “glaze” the meat without burning it.

As a BBQ best practice, you should pour the amount of sauce you think you will need into a cup or small bowl and dip your basting brush into the cup or bowl. When you are done, throw the extra sauce out. Never put it back in the bottle. Another good strategy is to serve the meat without sauce & allow your guests to apply it at the table as a condiment however they like.

BBQ Sauce isn’t just for glazing meat – try it as a base on a pizza crust instead of traditional tomato sauce, top it with grilled chicken & veggies, some jalapeno jack cheese and fresh cilantro!