Chef’s Tip: June 2016

Chef's Tip: June 2016

Chipotles are jalapeño peppers that have been dried by a smoking process that gives them a dark color and a super distinct smoky flavor.
They are spicy, but not crazy-burn-your-face-off spicy, they add heat and a ton of flavor to lots of different recipes but a little bit goes a long way, start with small amounts and add more to taste.
Use as a condiment or an ingredient. Add to mayo for a quick spread on sandwiches and burgers, add a smokey note to soups, chili and stews, mix into your hummus or squeeze onto cream cheese for a simple dip.

Easy Appetizer: Cherry Chipotle Borsin

  • 1 package Boursin cheese
  • ½ cup of your favorite cherry Preserves
  • 3 tsp. Olo’s Chipotle paste

Heat preserves for 30 seconds to melt, then mix in Olo’s chipotle paste to taste. Pour over Boursin & serve with crackers.